Professor Jerry Alberto Almeida in South Florida!

The Spiritist Federation of Florida proudly present a series of seminars by Prof. Jerry Almeida from June 10 to June 15.

June, 10 – Saturday:

  • Local: Peace and Knowledge Spiritist Center
  • Seminar: “Coexistence in the Spiritist Center” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 10am – 3:30pm
  • Private Meeting – only workers from Spiritist Centers
  • General Assembly time: 4pm às 6pm

June, 11 – Sunday: Love & Charity Spiritist Center

  • Local: Love & Charity Spiritst Center
  • Seminar: “Happiness Challenge in a World in Transformation” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 9:30am – 1pm
  • Open to the general public

June, 12 – Monday:

  • Local: Love & Wisdom Spiritist Society
  • Mini-Seminar: “”Philosophical Structure of the Spirit’s Book” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 8pm
  • Open to the general public

June, 13Tuesday:

  • Local: Love & Charity Spiritist Center
  • Lecture: “The Challenge of Happiness” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Open to the general public

June, 14 – Wednesday:

  • Local: Spiritist Society Seeds of Light
  • Lecture: “Family Front & Back” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 8pm
  • Open to the general public

June, 15 – Thursday: KSSF – – Lecture: “Philosophy of Coexistence”

  • Local: KSSF, Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida
  • Lecture: “Philosophy of Coexistence” (Portuguese)
  • Time: 8:30pm
  • Open to the general public

Jerry Alberto AlmeidaJerri Roberto Almeida is a historian and teacher. He specialized in History with a reflection on the possible contributions of literature to the construction of historical knowledge.

In his reflections, he seeks the dialogue between Spiritism and Human Sciences, demonstrating the importance of the insertion of Spiritist knowledge into the whole of human knowledge.

Currently, he has been focusing on the study of coexistence and family relations, conducting lectures and seminars in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and United States.