10th Spiritist Conference Of Florida! Don’t miss out!

It is with great joy we announce the 10th SPIRITIST FEDERATION OF FL CONFERENCE streaming live on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. The main topic is What Can Spiritism Do for You?
STREAMING LIVE ON March 2th and March 21st, 2021

10th SFF Conference "What Spiritism Can Do for You? (O Que O Espiritismo Poder Fazer por Você)

The SFF 10th Conference will be streaming live on March 20th and March 21st.

The Day 1, Saturday, March 20th, we will be focus on “The Spiritist Philosophy” with a series of amazing lectures by our keynote speakers Alberto Almeida, Suzana Simões, Simão Pedro and Divaldo Franco.

The Day 2, Sunday, March 21st, we will be focus on “Investing in Happiness” with a series of amazing lectures by our keynote speakers Alberto Almeida, Denise Lino, Simão Pedro and Divaldo Franco.

Check it out the lectures schedule below. We will have amazing topics such as: Building blocks for a meaningful life, raising the bar on relative happiness and much, much more!

Note: The live streaming will be in Portuguese language but we are working to bring you the event contents in English as well.

We appreciate your patience!

Marta Antunes: a lecture on “Mediumship in Times of Pandemic”

Watch the lecture now on our YouTube Channel

Lecture: Mediumship in Times of Pandemic with Marta Antunes Moura. Marta is coordinator of the Regional Commissions in the area of ​​Mediumship of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB), Vice President of FEB.

Geraldo Campetti: a serie of virtual lectures in Florida

The Spiritist Federation of Florida promoted a series of virtual lectures throughout Spiritist Centers in Florida. Although the virtual talks were open to the public, the Spiritist Centers that benefited directly from the lectures were: Seeds of Love Spiritist Group, Peace and Knowledge Spiritist Center of Orlando, Spiritist Center Love and Charity, Spiritist Society Seeds of Light, Kardecian Spiritist Society of Florida, Plentitude Spiristist Society, Tampa Spiritist Society, Andre Luiz Love and Wisdom Spiritist Society, and Kardec Spirit Renovation.

Mr. Campetti is vice president of the Brazilian Spiritist Society. He is responsible for the area of Spiritist Dissemination which includes the following organizational units: The Reformer, History and Documentation, Communication, and the Spiritist publishing company called ‘FEB Editora’.

This series of lectures by Geraldo Campetti started with the SFF General Assembly on June 20, when Mr. Campetti gave a public lecture titled “The Challenges of Spiritist Workers Nowadays.” The lecture was then followed by a General Body Meeting which was open only to members.

Mr. Campetti named his lectures using words from his book such as Time, Hope, Renovation, Decision, Silence, Attempt and Intelligence. Inspired on his book, titled ‘O Que Ninguém Pode Fazer Por Mim’, in addition with Spiritism postulates, Mr. Campetti, through his lecture, demonstrated his unique ability to break down complex topics and make them easy to understand.

Watch all lectures on our YouTube channel.

News on USA Spiritist Movement

It is official! Edicei of America has joined hands with the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (Federação Espírita Brasileira – FEB) and will now be known as FEB Publisher (the official Brazilian Spiritist Federation publisher group in Miami).

Launched officially on April 18th, 2020, with hopes of honoring Allan Kardec and the original publication of The Spirits’ Book on April 18th, 1857, our team invites you to spread the word and assist this initiative presented by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation in the dissemination of Spiritist titles in the USA and abroad.

Our goal is to continue the work started by Edicei of America whose vision included, but was not limited to the translation and also distribution of Spiritist titles with hopes that the liberating concept of Spiritism may find its way into the homes of many hearts.