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The Kardecian Spiritist Federation of Florida, Inc. (KSFF), founded on April 18, 1987, is a non-profit organization duly incorporated and registered according to U.S. state and federal law.  

KSFF was founded for the purpose of representing the Spiritist movement in the State of Florida. The purposes and objectives of the KSFF are based on the Spiritist Doctrine, as codified by Allan Kardec.  It is specifically organized and empowered to:      

a) Study without exception all Scientific, Philosophical and Moral aspects of Spiritism, as described in Allan Kardec’s Spiritist Codification.

b) Divulge amply the historic, scientific, philosophical and moral principles of the Spiritist Doctrine through Seminars, Symposiums, and Congresses, in addition to other available communication means and the media.

c) Offer its Affiliated Organizations orientation and administrative support.

d) Foster the interface with other similar national and international institutions, seeking the exchange of pertinent information.

Feel free to email us for any additional information about Spiritism codified by Allan Kardec or our Organization.

Phone: (786) 519-3529

Mailing Address for General Purposes:
Spiritist Federation of Florida
ATTN: Marcelo Netto
965 South Shore Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Mailing Address for Membership Fees:
Spiritist Federation of Florida
ATTN: Sandra Benetti
22613 Middletown Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33428

Spiritist Federation of Florida
SFF – Spirititist Federation of Florida