Courses on Spiritism

Sistematic Study of Spiritism

The following Workbooks PowerPoint slide presentations were written and compiled by the USSC. We would like to thank all of those who took the time to go over this work and submit their corrections and impressions so we could make the Sistematic Study of Spiritism a better product and a symbol of our Unification movement.

Workbook 1 – Introduction to Spiritism

Workbook 2 – Self-Awareness and Inner Transformation

  1. Self-Knowledge & Sincerity: Download
  2. Humility & Pride: Download
  3. Acceptance & Tranquility: Download
  4. Meekness & Patience: Download
  5. Righteousness: Download
  6. Forgiveness & Mercy: Download
  7. Moral Perfection: Download
  8. Peacemakers & Resolution: Download
  9. Persecution & Justice: Download
  10. You Are Light: Download
  11. Seek and Shall Find: Download
  12. Examples of Inner Transformation: Download


  1. Introduction to Mediumship: Download
  2. Mediumistic Communication: Download
  3. Mediumship Classification: Download
  4. Mediumship Education and Unfoldmet: Download
  5. Spirit, Matter, and Fluid: Download
  6. Perispirit: Download
  7. Perispirit & Mediumship: Download
  8. Physical Manifestations: Download
  9. Intelligent Manifestations: Download
  10. Mediumship in Children & Teenagers: Download
  11. Considerations on Mediumship: Download
  12. Questions and Answers on Mediumship: Download