Spiritist Federation of FL

The Kardecian Spiritist Federation of Florida (KSFF), founded in 1985 and located in Miami, is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of representing and unifying the Spiritist Movement in Florida.

The Spiritist Federation of Florida recognizes that in order to promote a stronger and better aligned spiritist movement in the state of Florida, all involved parties must become unified under the very same ideal, and also become united as brothers and sisters.

At the time of Kardecian Spiritist Federation of Florida’s foundation, the Spiritist Movement in the United States was still in its infancy. Today, we have many affiliated centers, with one common goal, which is the dissemination of Spiritism – united and wholesome.

In the words of Bezerra de Menezes:

“It is indispensable that Spiritism be maintained exactly as it was conveyed to Allan Kardec by the Divine Messengers, that is, without political compromises, without religious professionalism, without degrading personalisms, and without burning desires of conquest of fleeting earthly powers. Respect for all creatures, regard for all authorities, and devotion to the common good, as well as instruction for the people, in every direction, about the truths of the spirit, truths unalterable and eternal.”

On this note, and on this same thought, our goal is to promote informative Seminars, workshops, and also to participate in book fairs, radio and television programs in order to facilitate the dissemination of the Spiritist Doctrine.

Our main goal is to continue to work on assisting many other Spiritist Groups still in their early structuring stages and also continue to support, instruct and guide the already formed and ongoing/growing existing centers.

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